noun \in-ˈkwī(-ə)r-ē, ˈin-ˌ; ˈin-kwə-rē, ˈiŋ-; ˈin-ˌkwir-ē\

1 : examination into facts or principles : RESEARCH
2 : a request for information
3 : a systematic investigation often of a matter of public interest

In establishing a philosophical foundation for proposing designs that speak to a strong African or Black aesthetic, an inquiry into factors, causes and effects of past and current practices within the field relative to this subject matter – both in education and in the profession – is perhaps in order.

Included in this section are 14 writings by a variety of noted scholars and former students of architecture that discuss the need for a Black or African aesthetic, the consequences of a lack thereof as well as a consideration of possibilities of having such.

In addition, a list of relevant design organizations along with some sobering statistical data on the presence and conditions of Blacks in the profession of architecture – both past and present – are also provided.