noun, often attributive\ˈbak-ˌ(g)rau̇nd\

1 : the conditions that form the setting within which something is experienced
2 : the circumstances or events antecedent to a phenomenon or development (2) : information essential to understanding of a problem or situation
3 : the total of a person’s experience, knowledge, and education

History and Background are fundamental to the process of analysis in design.
Attached are four essays that attempt to crystallize the early pioneers, places, events and accomplishments of the Black American architectural experience.
Also attached are 10 quotes each from nine members of the most formidable Black Design Vanguard who have documented and explained the legacy, the plight and the place of the Black African descendant in the fields of environmental design with an emphasis on architecture.
In these writings you will witness reference to the socio-political struggles, the racism and exclusion as well as some vision on how Modern design 0 that is design within our time – might be better informed by an evolving and discernible black aesthetic.